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Mind the gap – What do older men with younger partners have in common? - Gay Times

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I'm a homosexual and I'm angry

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The age gap comments were a whole new level of nastiness and jealousy. At one point I even thought about ending the relationship; it would have been so much easier to go out with someone my own age. According to Lemarc Thomas, an age gap is just one of many factors which can contribute to whether a relationship is functional or dysfunctional. We also consider shared core values, background, lifestyle, goals, personality and attraction. So older gay partners can become a role model, a teacher and protective elder friend.

Angry Homosexual

In return, it can bring out the paternal side of an older gay man. Older men are very, very insecure. They want a good-looking lad on their arm to control them. Sex was not necessarily exchanged for financial compensation, the older partner offered intelligence and social accomplishments, which are often as strongly attractive to younger partners as material possessions. The generation gap for gay men is potentially massive. What do older men with younger partners have in common? Now someone loves me and I give myself to his desires.

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I love it. Respect, be respected…let me date boys my age and dont come telling me I should give a chance to older men, my life my choice…live and let other live.

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I can have friends. The biggest problem for me is health issues. Besides sex with the love of your life is great.. Look for other things besides looks, fun, and love. There is comfort, maturity, learning potential. My mother loves my bf.

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My whole family does. And his family love me. My child likes him. I just want you to see there is more out here than your experience. And I do see it from your point of view though too. Also, you seem hung up on looks. You really come across as shallow, unenlightened, and I guess conceited as well. My bf is Alot of older guys would ditch for younger and hotter. I worried about that before I really knew my bf. And he worried about me going for a healthier , more agile, stronger guy…. But loyalty is a big value to both of us. Some guys truly want older, and maybe at times it is for the comfort, etc… We all are not searching for the same things in relationships.

Feelings of safety and comfort might be what some prefer over passion, etc.. I also almost fell under the enchantment of an older guy who used to tell me he was 40, but he looked like he was When I realized what he was doing, I immediately got away from it because I knew that he was also seeing younger men. However, I know of some young guys who are lured by older men precisely because of everything that is described here. If you and your partner have a big age difference and it has worked for you, congratulations. But do not discredit this person just because of your success.

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Unfortunately, what this guy says has a lot of truth and makes absolute sense, and I appreciate his perspective so that we can educate younger men about it. What a complete moron. I am 35, my lover is I was with another older man in my really early 20s. We are still close friends. What I dislike the most is how older men use younger guys navity to enable the older man to live a second youth through someone else.

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  5. It smacks of insecurity and how the older man knows that he has yet to become self aware enough to be able to date those in his own age range plus or minus 10 years. I hope young gay men read this and keep trying dating in their own age range as you will have more fun and be far more connected by coming from the same generation with the same generational ideologies.