Does anyone know why the bartenders dress like Hooters waitresses at this place? It's kinda weird and seems misplaced. I know the games are free but i wish they were maintained better. So many broken buttons and joysticks. I would glady pay for working machines. They will probably invest in them. They probably wanted to make sure people would come first before they did. But I agree, definitely have to make sure those games work. Its not like they opened recently.

Downtown Pour – Thornton Park “Block Party”

To be honest at first i though the place was amazing. I still like it but half the games are broke, they really ought to consider hiring a tech. Bunch of people slamming joysticks in here for broken games Ive been 3 times in the last couple of months. First time I went, there were several games including Tron that were broken. Next time I went, only Tron was broken.

Last time I went all games were working. They are attempting to repair the machines and keep them working, contrary to what a lot of people in here claim. Why all the negative vibes on here? I much prefer player 1. Joysticks drinks use cheap liquor, incredibly over priced, and not enough games for how large the space is. Player 1 is a smaller space, fewer people, and well worth the cover charge.

Player one has more games but no liqour. Joysticks has less games and liqour.

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Plus joysticks is right downtown, player one is a treck near sea world. Player 1 by miles. Joysticks sucks. They also have a killer beer list but no full bar. It sucks it's a slog to get to for us in the north. Check out BART or the pinball lounge if your looking for a good barcade north of downtown.

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As others have said, Player 1 has better choice for games and while they only have beer, wine, and sake I think? Joysticks has a few beers, liquor, and all their fun but expensive novelty drinks. Player 1 is more laid-back, a place to go if you actually want to play games. They have lots of arcade games, systems you can rent out or play free at the bar if you can get the controllers , Guitar Hero, Just Dance.

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It's pretty much the only place you're going to be going there's only a couple bars, some of which are also restaurants, around it. The clientele is a bit nerdier. Joysticks has a great location if you want to go to a lot of places, but there aren't as many games and the ones they do have can be difficult to play because there are so many other people vying for them.

They do have one air hockey table. The theming is neat. Also, if you're gonna be in downtown, check out Mathers Social House as well. Different vibe, but neat-o spagheeto. I think the unique cocktails adds to the experience at Joysticks.

Has anyone been to Joysticks downtown Orlando? : orlando

I've never been to either, and if I wanted to have a night out like that, wasn't sure which one would be best. Check out Joysticks, because either way your downtown. I believe player 1 has a cover charge. Plus it's a hell of a lot closer for me. I'm in the northern burbs. Only way I would probably ever go to Player 1, is if I was already down by the attractions. Definitely a fun spot but their cocktails can get pretty pricey!

I do wish they got some more games like NFL Blitz and street fighter, but I bet those cabs can be a little expensive. You should check out Player One bar. They only have beer and wine tho but they have many more games.


Also can try Pinball Lounge in Oviedo. Thanks for the tip! If you have any more please reach out. Looking for the most unique spots in Orlando and want to help others find them as well.

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Do you have any spots in Orlando that you would recommend? Would love to check those out rather than put each other down. Or if it really is crappy what would you like to see changed to make it better? Appreciate the feedback! I like that place. Used to really enjoy The Dating Game on Tuesdays, but due to a lack of promotion, they dropped it. Next Post Central Florida Overheard: Posts Related to this Article Apolgies. At this time, there are no related posts available for this entry. Sign Up for our eNewsletter. Latest Issue. Upcoming Events Sat Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Orlando.

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