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Hornet makes it fun and easy for gay, bi, and curious guys to connect with each other. Find great guys to keep in touch with, in this FREE gay app that is beyond dating!

With 25 million users, Hornet is the largest true social network for gay men. Hornet makes it easy for users to authentically connect with others who have similar interests and are looking to date, make friends or just find people in a new city. Users can create interactive profiles, read headlines that affect the gay community, and utilize a city guide written by and for other gay men to help users find hidden gems and the best underground events in their own neighborhood or when traveling.

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Hornet Premium Subscription Hornet is the Gay app with the most free features! Munich, Bayern I'm a open nice caring man, interested in just about all things. Enso, 36 years. Munich, Bayern Just another normal professional guy based out of Munich. Kalle, 57 years. Munich, Bayern Hello my Name is Kalle! Abs, 24 years. Munich, Bayern here for fun.

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Fabian, 25 years. Munich, Bayern Ich bin ein cooler und freundlicher Typ, mit dem ich zusammen sein kann. Pma, 30 years. Raul, 52 years. Lucas, 23 years.

A trip to Munich

Mrjohn, 25 years. Lannister, 26 years. Dbkkd, 39 years. Munich, Bayern I like summer travel Darklight, 35 years. Tuan, 30 years. Munich, Bayern I like japanimation Iisaakcox, 54 years. For the same reasons, closeted athletes are also more likely to be injured during games and in practice. Mario Gomez, a striker for Bayern Munich and for the German national team, has also said as much.

If gay football players came out, it would free up their playing style, he said.

Best gay dating apps in Berlin - AWESOME BERLIN

We have a gay deputy chancellor, the mayor of Berlin is gay, so gay football players should also let their preferences be known," he said in an interview with the celebrity magazine Bunte in , citing his club FC Bayern Munich's motto, "Mir-san-Mir," which is Bavarian dialect for "we are who we are. Theo Zwanziger, who left his post in March, underscored on several occasions the league's support of gay athletes and promised support if any athletes wanted to come out. The vast majority of players, coaches and other officials connected with the league, however, remain largely silent on the issue.

Speaking out in favor of gay tolerance, the thinking goes, attracts unwanted attention and can drive away sponsors, many of the same pressures that keep gay players in the closet. You need more than just a president to change the climate in football. But, of course, it's very important that Mr.

Hoeness said what he did. All across Europe, it is virtually unheard of for any active professional athletes to come out, especially in the top leagues.

Gay Footballers in German Bundesliga Remain Afraid to Come Out

Anton Hysen, a midfielder for Utsiktens BK in Sweden's fourth league and the son of a famous British Premiere League player, came out in and didn't experience any backlash. At the same time, closeted athlete's fears aren't without historical grounds.

In , Justin Fashanu became the first professional football player in England to come out. Eight years later, Fashanu was accused of sexual assault by a teenager in the United States and was later found hanged in a garage in Britain. The trend reaches across the Atlantic to American football, where there has never been an openly gay active player, although three former National Football League players have come out after they retired. Earlier this month, Chris Kluwe, an active, heterosexual, professional American Football player for the Minnesota Vikings used the media to speak out on behalf of gay equality.

Kluwe came to the defense of another heterosexual player, the Baltimore Ravens' Brendon Ayanbadejo, who had also been active supporting gay equality.

Other Bayern Cities:

Ayanbedjo was attacked by Emmett C. Burns Jr.

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The politician demanded that the owner "inhibit such expressions from your employee and that he be ordered to cease and desist such injurious actions.