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Sep 10, interracial dating site let the catch is that dating, internet, - blog executive dating apps in mako for transformative works. Korra said, "You don't have to do that", in somber tone. He replied back in a strong, but soft manner, "Yes, I do. After Amon taunted Korra by showing her the "main event", Tenzin and his family, handcuffed to poles on the stage, Mako touched her arm and stated that Amon was just "trying to bait" her.

Later, when Amon bloodbent Korra, Mako risked himself by coming out of his hiding spot, angrily demanding Amon to let her go. After she got her bending taken away, he ran through the hallways of the arena with a barely conscious and weak Korra in his arms. She told him that her bending was gone, and he replied that everything would be all right and that they just needed to get out of there.

When he almost got his firebending taken away, Korra, although unable to bend, was able to airbend for the first time, defending him. Mako looked in amazement as Korra blasted Amon out the window with her newly discovered airbending.

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He put his arm around Korra as she leaned on him, watching as Amon rose into the air on his water spout. After failing to stop his escape, he turned around to comfort Korra with a hug. Mako and Korra sharing their second kiss after both professed their love to one another. Later, at the South Pole, Katara attempted to restore Korra's bending, but to no avail. A distraught Korra walked out of the room, and brushed past Mako, leaving him stunned and causing him to run out of the room after her, yelling after her to wait.

Korra told him to go away, and after saying that he would, he let her know that he would always be there for her.

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After Korra stated that she was not the Avatar anymore, and he did not need to do her any more favors, Mako told her that he did not care if she was the Avatar or not. He proceeded to explain that when Tarrlok took her, he was "losing his mind" at the thought of never seeing her again, and that he realized that he loved her. Korra responded to him by stuttering out the words "I can't", and running out of the compound atop Naga, leaving him looking saddened and shocked.

Tenzin approached him and advised him, saying that they needed to remain patient with her, and that it would take time for her to accept what happened. After witnessing Korra in the Avatar State, Mako looked up at her in awe, opening his arms as she ran toward him and embraced him. She subsequently admitted that she loved him as well and they shared a passionate kiss, establishing their new relationship.

During the following six months, their relationship continued strong, even becoming the talk of the town in Republic City. Despite this, they still faced some troubles.

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Over their habit of relaying each other their day to day, Mako was inquired on his opinions on Korra's training. When he gave it, he found that Korra perceived his opinions or lack thereof as taking the other's side, despite his assertion that there were no sides and that he and everyone else merely wanted the best for her, and he admitted to not being very good at "Avatar counseling".

Korra was aware that she could be difficult over the strain of being the Avatar, to which Mako jokingly admitted that being the Avatar's boyfriend was not easy either. Korra and Mako fighting over the best way to handle the brewing civil war. When they returned to Republic City and Mako resumed his job as a police officer, Korra and Mako began having different views on how to handle the brewing civil war between the Water Tribes; Korra insisted on actively taking back her homeland, while Mako tried to avoid conflict and stuck to his duties as an officer first.

Mako's sense of duty caused him to inform President Raiko about Korra's plans to go behind his back and secretly seek Southern support from the United Forces. Infuriated by this betrayal, Korra confronted Mako, and after a heated argument, the firebender concluded that their two jobs were too incompatible, and he broke up with the Avatar. He remained secretive about his break up to his friends, not wanting to talk about it.

Soon after their break up, Korra was attacked by a dark spirit, which caused her to lose part of her memory, including her split with Mako. As such, she ran up to him and kissed him when he was released from prison, telling him how much she had missed him. Surprised, Mako asked her if she was not mad at him anymore due to their fight, to which Korra explained what had happened to her. Unable to tell her that their argument broke off their relationship, Mako lied and told her the fight had not been that bad when he was asked about it.

Mako supported Korra when she was feeling anxious about the upcoming battle. Mako and Korra sharing their last kiss. After Unalaq's defeat, Mako summoned the courage to talk to Korra about what had really happened during their argument, and that they had actually broken up. Korra informed him that after meditating in the Tree of Time , she had regained that part of her memory, and asked why he had chosen not to tell her the truth. Mako agreed he should have done so, but admitted that he did not want to hurt her again and that he partially wished the split had not happened.

They both agreed that even though they would always love each other, their relationship just did not work because of their different goals in life. After sharing one last kiss, they went their separate ways. Two weeks after their break-up, Mako still had a hard time communicating with Korra, trying to avoid interaction whenever possible and declining her help when she offered it. He also turned down Tenzin's offer to stay at Air Temple Island after his and Bolin's apartment became infested with spirit vines, choosing instead to sleep under his desk at the police headquarters.

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Despite his awkwardness around Korra, Mako still retained his desire to help her, aiding her in the search for the newly emerged airbenders. When Zaheer and the Red Lotus attempted to kidnap Korra, Mako showed great concern for her, telling the criminals to let her go and warning Zaofu 's guards of her capture. He also told Asami that they could not let the four take her. Shortly afterward, he quickly let go, realizing the awkwardness of it, though emphasized nonetheless how happy he was to see her. Mako was glad to see Korra again after three years of no contact, though grew disappointed and annoyed when he learned that Korra had been in contact with Asami and not him or his brother.

Although tensions ran high between them with constant bickering to follow, they still managed to work well together to save Prince Wu.

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After escaping Kuvira's men, Mako good-heartedly noted that getting on each other's nerves was just like old times for him and Korra, before they shared a warm embrace. Mako was surprised, but nevertheless happy to hear about Korra and Asami's relationship. At Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding, after Korra thanked him for his role in taking down the Colossus, Mako replied that she did not have to thank him, assured her that he would always be willing to follow her into battle, and that he had her back.

When he discovered that Korra had started a relationship with Asami, Mako was taken aback at the fact that both his ex-girlfriends were now dating each other, [29] but he was nevertheless happy for the two of them. Being reminded of how he used to be, Mako was doubtful about Kai 's sincerity. Though Mako felt empathy at first for the new airbender upon discovering he was an orphan, his view changed after he learned that Kai was a thief and he later warned the young boy that he would keep an eye on him.

Mako's attitude toward Kai became more positive after the latter rescued him, together with Bolin, Tenzin, and Asami, from the Northern Air Temple as it collapsed due to Ghazan 's lavabending. Later, as they were preparing to leave to rescue Korra and the imprisoned airbenders, Mako thanked Kai for coming back to help them and apologized for having been hard on him before, although the two of them jokingly agreed that Kai had deserved it.

Pabu is the pet of Mako's younger brother, Bolin. While he does not show any apparent feelings toward the fire ferret , Maku tolerates the creature living with them in close proximity, and when Bolin was kidnapped by the Equalists, he allowed Pabu to ride and sleep on his shoulder. Mako and Skoochy. When Mako and Bolin were living on the streets, they became friends with Skoochy around the time he escaped his second orphanage. Skoochy and his friends quite often hang around the Central Station.

When Bolin was missing, Mako and Korra went to Skoochy for information, and he did help them, at the cost of a few yuans on Mako's part. Mako and Tenzin. Tenzin later advised Mako on how he should deal with Korra who had to come to terms with the loss of her bending. Tonraq was initially hostile to the firebender, however the tensions soon ceased. Toza is a former pro-bender and current gym manager at the Pro-bending Arena. One day Toza discovered Mako fighting on the streets and invited him and Bolin to live in the attic of the arena.

The brothers had to work strange jobs to pay their rent, which helped them focus on pro-bending.

Overall, he was very good to them. Mako stopped Wu from freaking out after he awoke inside a luggage chest due to being kidnapped. Mako's relationship with Wu was of a professional nature, as he was assigned to be the royal's bodyguard. Having to accompany him wherever he went and witnessing Wu's many quirks, Mako soon grew annoyed with the prince and could not wait until the royal would return to Ba Sing Se.