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To my surprise, my dad flared up and began to rant. Each time I think of that moment, I wish it was possible to reverse time to when I was conceived so that I will prevent him from ever being my dad. My mum was more understanding. All she asked of me is that I should be a good boy that she will be proud of. Growing up in a different neighborhood, I met another kind of stereotype that was viler than the first.

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It began by mere trading of words, insults and so on if they ever get to know that you are gay. They would jeer at me each time I walked through the streets. I tried to ignore them. My plan was to leave the neighborhood once I was out of college. Little did I know that I will leave the neighborhood much earlier. To my greatest amazement, this hate for gay grew to a terrifying level. Gays were targeted and stabbed.

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They knew all the gay guys in the area so finding them was not a problem. It was like the way mutants were hunted and captured or killed like wild animals in X-men.

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The first victim was a twenty years old. He was returning from school when some guys pushed him to a corner and stabbed him twice in the tummy. He was luck to survive. Fortnight, there was another attack and this one died. I left the neighborhood afterwards.

Each time it happened, they will term it some kind of gang battle. The new city I went to had a different opinion about gay. Everyone was free to practice whatever they wanted. I quickly blended in and here I am today.

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Step 1: Find a Hustler: This used to be a lot harder when you had to pick them up on the street or at a bar frequented by pretty young men and decidedly older gentlemen. But now we have a wonderful thing called the internet.

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